How to cook roasted camembert for two?

Recipe by Bordeaux With Elodie

How to cook roasted camembert for two?

For this recipe you need : 

  • 2 camembert cheeses

  • Toasted bread 

  • Pepper 

You can add as topping 

  • Honey

  • Green salad

  • Apple

  • Bacon

How to bake your camembert

First you have to remove de cheese from its paper and cut a piece of baking paper the same size as the cheese paper.  Then, you have to put the baking paper into the camembert original box and put the cheese back in. 

Make a cross on  top of the camembert and add your toppings. Bake for 20 minutes in a preheated oven at 350F. 

Serve it immediatly and bon appétit! 

With the camembert enjoy a glass (or more...) of Château Carignan 2015.