What came out of the "En primeurs" 2017

What came out of the "En primeurs" 2017

As you know,  April 9th to 12th was the "En primeur" week. More than 6000 professionals came to Bordeaux for this very specail event: journalists, wine crictics, buyers and wine merchants from around the word...

After the very severe spring frost that happened late April 2017 in Bordeaux (the worst frost episode since 1991), everybody was expecting a "very difficult" vintage...and it turned out to be quite good for some wineries!

"2017 is a balanced wine, we found the real Bordeaux, for which this wine is fruity, airy, full of freshness.It is not a great vintage, it is easy to drink and most importantly, it has a beautiful length".

Peter Winding, journalist

"It's a very good vintage for wines from vineyards that did not freeze a year ago," said the best sommelier in 2013 Paolo Passo.


Saint-Emilion was very affected with the frost and lost 60 to 70% of its production. Some wineries were spared, others lost everything. 

Around Néac, where it is more hilly, some more protected vines have a little less frozen, but on the side of Lalande where it is a relief of plains, everything was touched. Whatever the crop mode, it has been shriveled, especially where it is grassed. Lalande de Pomerol tops the list of Bordeaux appellations most affected by frost.

this drop in production will cause tension in the market. Indeed the reasons are the decline in quality of the vintage compared to the last two, sometimes unfavorable exchange rates, uncertainties in some international markets may lead to lower prices, say professionals, despite the decline in supply and production costs that have increased with the freeze.

"The wine is not ready, you have to have the experience to imagine it finished in three or four years" confirm the journalists.


"The wines are still in production, bottling will take place in July 2019 and they will be delivered in February 2020. But everything will be paid in June. Financially, it's a big advantage," says a viticulturist.

We can therefore say that the wines that have managed to avoid the frosts are good wines in general even if this year will not be a great vintage.